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CORDIS launches new FP7 services for Science in Society and Social Sciences and Humanities

The role of research in a modern society is becoming ever more important. CORDIS, the EU's official information service on research and development, has launched two new thematic services in support of FP7 activities that seek to improve science's position in society and to understand society better through research.With a view to building an effective and democratic European knowledge-based society, the aim of 'Science in Society' activities are to stimulate the harmonious integration of scientific and technological endeavour and associated research policies into European society. Topics include research ethics, the role of women and science communication.FP7 research funding for 'Socio-economic sciences and the humanities' (SSH) aims to contribute to an in-depth, shared understanding of the complex and interrelated socio economic challenges confronting Europe. For the first time, European research funding is now available for the humanities as well.Over the course of FP7 the two research themes together will provide funding of almost €1 billion. Information on what topics will be funded, calls for project proposals and support for participation can all be found through these services.

The new services also include relevant news, upcoming events and key documents such as work programmes.

The new CORDIS FP7 services for Science in Society and Social-Sciences and Humanities can be found at: