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Food, Agriculture, Biotechnology and Fisheries

The 4th call (KBBE-2009-3) of Theme 2- "Food, Agriculture, Fisheries & Biotechnology" was published on September 3, 2008.

Deadline: 15 January 2009 at 17.00 hrs (Brussels local time).

Indicative Budget of 188 M€

The specific programme on 'Cooperation' supports all types of research activities carried out by different research bodies in trans-national cooperation and aims to gain or consolidate leadership in key scientific and technology areas.

FP7 allocates EUR 32 413 million to the Cooperation programme. The budget will be devoted to supporting cooperation between universities, industry, research centres and public authorities throughout the EU and beyond.

The Cooperation programme is sub-divided into ten distinct themes. Each theme is operationally autonomous but aims to maintain coherence within the Cooperation Programme and allowing for joint activities cutting across different themes, through, for example, joint calls.

The primary aim in funding food, agriculture, fisheries and biotechnology research under FP7 is to build a European Knowledge Based Bio-Economy (KBBE) (food, feed, forest, fisheries, agriculture, aquaculture, chemistry, etc.) by bringing together all industries and economic sectors that produce, manage and exploit biological resources and related services, supply or consumer industries, such as food, fisheries, forestry, agriculture, etc.

The "Food, Agriculture and Fisheries, and Biotechnology" theme is built around three major activities:

Sustainable production and management of biological resources from land, forest and aquatic environments;

Fork to farm: Food (including seafood), health and well-being;

Life sciences, biotechnology and biochemistry for sustainable non-food products and processes.

The FP7 budget earmarked more than € 1.9 billion for the Food, Agriculture, Fisheries and Biotechnology theme over the duration of FP7.